Why Create a new Carnival product in Cayman?

The creation of CayMAS Carnival was born out of the feeling that there had to be more direction for Carnival in Cayman. The biggest emphasis that we have viewed as vital to the success was to be inclusive of major entities that are vital to the success of the Carnival. We also plan to operate CayMAS as transparent and as professional as we possibly can. This will guarantee us to grow from strength to strength as we continue this bold step.

CayMAS is a vessel to experience the Carnival and to discover the Islands. CayMAS is a movement made up of a collection of entities who have had influences in the Carnival scene in Cayman over the years, who want to see the development of Carnival. This thing we call Carnival can become a viable tourism product for the Cayman Islands, especially during a period of the year when the tourism takes a dip in stay-over tourism.

The goal of CayMAS is to create a viable tourism product and highly organised event for locals and visitors alike. We aim to make this a more inclusive and democratic process of the operation of the Carnival, of different individuals who have the same goal of enhancing the Carnival product of Cayman.

What is CayMAS?

Why change the dates from what the current dates are set for Carnival in Cayman?

For us to have a complete Carnival product (steel pan, Soca Monarch, Parade, J’ouvert, and a host of fetes/parties), all held on Carnival weekend, we need more days to accomplish this. So, a holiday weekend is the best option. Another reason for a holiday weekend, we need the participation of our local Carnival lovers to interact with our visitors and play a major part of the success of the events planned for the weekend. The Discovery Day weekend is the ideal holiday weekend in Grand Cayman because there is nothing, on a national level, on that weekend.

Also, for the college students who return home usually days after Carnival has passed, now have an opportunity to participate in Carnival and even potentially encouraging friends from school to visit during Carnival.

Also, The Bahamas Carnival is now on the first weekend of May and they have a lot more financial support than there is in Cayman. In The Bahamas, the Government has invested millions of dollars to develop their Carnival brand and we don’t have that kind of financial support to secure top acts and market to the masses, their Carnival. With a direct flight between Grand Cayman and Nassau, there is a possibly, in the future, of collaborating to create a 10-day Carnival experience in two different countries.

Why not choose another weekend? What makes this weekend the most suitable holiday weekend?

Discovery Day weekend is ideal because as previously stated, there are no national events scheduled for this weekend. Moving it to June isn’t feasible because of the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations downtown on that Saturday; Easter is off limits for obvious reasons, Constitution Weekend is one of the highest travelled weekends out of Cayman, as well it normally falls very near to the US’s Independence Day and Canada Day. Plus, it is hot enough in May on the Road, imagine in July!

What are the Benefits of CayMAS Carnival to the Cayman Islands?

There are so many benefits CayMAS will have on Cayman, but I’ll touch on two. First and foremost, the tourism impact can become quite colossal. With more air bookings, especially on Cayman Airways; more hotel rooms, more car rentals; more restaurant and bar patronage; more exposure of Cayman as the safest and most modernised destination in the Caribbean.

With a highly organised Event, the local population can enjoy the sights, sounds and energy of Carnival whether they only want to experience one of the entities, or feel the complete Carnival vibes of the long weekend.

Who owns CayMAS Carnival?

THE PEOPLE OF THE CAYMAN ISLANDS own CayMAS Carnival. This cannot be emphasised more.  Also, there will not be any entity that can claim Exclusivity for the overall Carnival. We have been unanimous that the only title of sponsor (with exclusivity) will be the Cayman Islands. We have seen the efforts our Government has made to help with the growth of Carnival in Cayman, but have not been fully satisfied.


What are the dates for CayMAS 2020?

THURSDAY, MAY 14th  to Monday, MAY 18th

What can people expect from CayMAS?

People can expect a great complete Carnival weekend, with all the facets of Carnival included in the same weekend. Here is the tentative schedule for CayMAS Carnival weekend…


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