CayMAS is a vessel to experience the Carnival and to discover the Islands. CayMAS is a movement made up of a collection of entities who have had influences in the Carnival scene in Cayman over the years, who want to see the development of Carnival. This thing we call Carnival can become a viable tourism product for the Cayman Islands, especially during a period of the year when the tourism takes a dip in stay-over tourism.

The goal of CayMAS is to create a viable tourism product and highly organised event for locals and visitors alike. We aim to make this a more inclusive and democratic process of the operation of the Carnival, of different individuals who have the same goal of enhancing the Carnival product of Cayman.

What can people expect from CayMAS?

People can expect a great complete Carnival weekend, with all the facets of Carnival included in the same weekend. Here is the tentative schedule for CayMAS Carnival weekend…


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Experience the Carnival... Discover the Islands

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